Conversations with Beethoven by Sanford Friedman

By Sanford Friedman

In advance of his dying, Sanford Friedman accomplished this, his ultimate novel, anything solely varied from something he, or for that topic a person, had written sooner than - Conversations with Beethoven, a relocating meditation on greatness and pettiness, vulnerability and genius, that's as elegiac because it is witty and engaging.


Conversations with Beethoven, in a travel de strength of fictional invention, tells the tale of the final yr of Beethoven's existence nearly completely via such computer entries: pals, kinfolk, students, Read more...

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I’m not taking her part. Yet after what has happened, it’s essential for you to cooperate with her; otherwise you will be the one to suffer. Well and good, I’ll try to smooth things over. • • • Ludwig, before we go on I’ll thank you to remember that your brother died of consumption, not at my hands! Hardly had he breathed his last when you demanded that an autopsy be performed. The doctor, lest you forget, was a personal friend of yours. Even so, he found no grounds for your abominable suspicion that I had poisoned your brother—I will not put up with these repeated accusations.

In addition to being utterly spoiled and worthless, he is all but ruined morally. Besides, he has brought me nothing but aggravation. If I were wiser, I wouldn’t have come but he begged me to do so. Let me assure you, Mr. Beethoven, that I have given your nephew the best possible care from the start and will continue to do so while he is here—You have my word on that. In what room will I find the scoundrel? Please follow me, I’ll take you to him. • • • Uncle, I told Holz that I would let you know as soon as You may request one from the Matron, or sit on the edge of the bed, as you wish.

Yet worse than the beatings, far worse—he often locked me I have violent diarrhea today, indeed I have had it since your disappearance Friday—Well now, where was I? Yes yes, I was recalling those times when my father locked me up in the cellar—a fiendish place! Not only was it black as pitch, but cold and damp and rat-infested; besides I was only five or six years old, whereas you are nearly twenty—And you have the audacity to speak of dungeons. What do you know of dungeons?! Why, the one you speak of is merely an engraving, and the prisoner merely a performer posturing upon a stage.

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