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Continuum Mechanics in Environmental Sciences and Geophysics by K. Hutter (eds.)

By K. Hutter (eds.)

Modern continuum mechanics is the subject of this ebook. After its creation will probably be utilized to a couple ordinary structures coming up within the environmental sciences and in geophysics. In huge lake/ocean dynamics bizarre results of the rotation of the Earth could be analyzed in linear/nonlinear tactics of a homogenous and inhomogenous water physique. powerful thermomechanical coupling paired with nonlinear rheology impacts the circulate of enormous ice sheets (such as Antarctica and Greenland) and ice cabinets. Its reaction to the climatic forcing in an environmental of greenhouse warming may well considerably have an effect on the lifetime of destiny generations. The mechanical habit of granular fabrics lower than quasistatic loadings calls for non-classical mix innovations and encounters usually advanced elastic-plastic-type constitutive habit. Creeping movement of soils, consolidation techniques and flooring water stream are defined via such theories. quick shearing move of granular fabrics bring about constitutive kin for the stresses which include price autonomous habit of Mohr-Coulomb sort including dispersive pressure contributions because of particle collisions. Rockfalls, sturzstroms, snow and ice avalanches, but in addition particles movement and sea ice drifting will be defined with such formulations.

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The following considerations are based on the existence of an additive decomposition of a tensor into a symmetric and antisymmetric part. In fact, the velocity gradient L tan be written as 1 . 2 (L- LT) is antisymmetric (W = -WT). uite similar to that of the multiplicative decomposition of the deformation gradient into orthogonal and symmetric positive definite factors. Essentially, the additive decomposition of L implies the decomposition of the rate of deformation into a rate of strain and a rate of rotation.

In this context, an admissible thermomechanical process is any solution of the balance equations of linear momentum and energy, which is compatible with the constitutive equations. 24) 50 P. Haupt In equilibrium thermodynamics, it can be proven that the entropy supply has this structure, but within a more general thermodynamic theory eqs. 24) are assumptions, which may fail to hold in particular cases. 22) the dissipation principle is given by the CLAUSJUS-DUHEM-inequality, dl dt or ~ f ut }yR V spdV 2::- 1q·n -dA+ A 8 spndVn 2::- f JAR QR J V r p-dV, 8 ~ nn dAn+ f }yR PR i dVn.

In the case that the integrand fails to be continuous, this deduction is not permissible. Therefore, we must investigate the situation where discontinuous fields occur. In the following it will be assumed that the discontinuities of an arbitrary field 1/J 1/J(x, t) are distributed along a surface S(t) that is moving through the material body. 3. Each point x of the surface is supposed to have a velocity w(x, t). Generally, w differs from the velocity v of the material points. 3: Singular surface The surface S(t) divides the domain of the current configuration into two parts, namely on the side of the normal D 8 , in the direction of which the surface is travelling, and vOn the other side.

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