Comprehensive ophthalmology by A.K. Khurana

By A.K. Khurana

5th version has been completely revised and up to date with out altering the fundamental texture and association of the ebook which include:

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18. The diffraction of light. Light brought to a focus does not come to a point,but gives rise to a blurred disc of light surrounded by several dark and light bands (the 'Airy disc'). 2. Spherical aberrations. Spherical aberrations occur owing to the fact that spherical lens refracts peripheral rays more strongly than paraxial rays which in the case of a convex lens brings the more peripheral rays to focus closer to the lens (Fig. 19). The human eye, having a power of about +60 D, was long thought to suffer from various amounts of spherical aberrations.

Anterior chamber is comparatively shallow. 4. Fundus examination reveals a small optic disc which may look more vascular with ill-defined margins and even may simulate papillitis (though there is no swelling of the disc, and so it is called pseudopapillitis). The retina as a whole may shine due to greater brilliance of light reflections (shot silk appearance). 5. A-scan ultrasonography (biometry) may reveal a short antero-posterior length of the eyeball. Complications If hypermetropia is not corrected for a long time the following complications may occur: 1.

ERG reveals subnormal electroretinogram due to chorioretinal atrophy. Complications (i) Retinal detachment; (ii) complicated cataract; (iii) vitreous haemorrhage; (iv) choroidal haemorrhage (v) Strabismus fixus convergence. that clear image is formed on the retina (Fig. 29). , the minimum acceptance providing maximum vision should be prescribed. In very high myopia undercorrection is always better to avoid the problem of near vision and that of minification of images. Treatment of myopia 1. Optical treatment of myopia constitutes prescription of appropriate concave lenses, so Fig.

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