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Combat Kick Boxing: A Framework for Success (Martial Arts) by Pat O'Keeffe

By Pat O'Keeffe

Designed to be uncomplicated and transparent, this can be a finished guide on kick boxing. It seeks to give an explanation for every little thing a kick boxer must understand to enhance kick boxing talents for wrestle.

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Twist to your right and drive a rear elbow strike into his liver. Turn and throw a left hook to his jaw with plenty of follow-through. (Figs. 78 to 81) Fig 78 The turning movement after the rear elbow strike to the liver should put maximum power in your left hook. Be sure to co-ordinate the turn with the punch and pivot your ankle, hip and shoulder behind it. In any hold-breaking situation it is important to remain flexible. Double up on any or all strikes if necessary. Try to maximise your power by twisting your body behind each strike.

They are longer and stronger than the arms and with practice also become faster. Kicks should be thrown to the body and legs because they are bigger targets and are not as mobile as the head. In the ring the experienced kick boxer can afford to throw head kicks because the rules do not allow grabbing or throwing. ) if you attempt to throw high kicks, especially ‘cold’ high kicks. There are always exceptions to rules and the exceptions are: 1) When you have used an effective lower level kick to set up the high kick.

You have done nothing wrong and decide to ignore it. The driver of the car behind continues to follow you, flashing his lights and sounding the horn. In the rear-view mirror you can see he is agitated. Confused as to what the problem is, you pull over to the side of the road and get out, intending to apologise for whatever it is that you’ve done. The other driver pulls over. He is bigger than you. ’ He clenches his fist and raises his hand. He has committed a common assault and you are entitled to defend yourself by use of a pre-emptive strike!

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