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Colour Atlas of Ophthalmology by Arthur S. M. Lim, Ian J. Constable

By Arthur S. M. Lim, Ian J. Constable

This version is a set of color illustrations of universal eye stipulations, with concise textual content. this could be an invaluable quantity for scientific scholars, normal practitioners, ophthalmic scholars and all paramedical group of workers who've to house universal eye illnesses.

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More recently, laser iridotomy has been used successfully. Subacute and chronic closed-angle glaucoma When the filration angle is less rapidly closed, the rise of pressure will be subacute (subacute glaucoma). Accordingly, the symptoms will be milder. The patient may complain of having transient blurred vision, mild headache and of seeing ”halos“ (rainbow colours around lights). Closed-angle glaucoma may even simulate chronic openangle glaucoma and has no symptoms until there is severe visual field loss at an advanced stage of the condition (chronic closedangle glaucoma).

Fig. 19 Central pneumococcal corneal ulcer with hypopyon (pus in anterior chamber). 47 Corneal Dystrophies Fig. 20 Hereditary corneal dystrophy. Fig. 21 Fuch’s corneal dystrophy with diffuse corneal oedema. Fig. 22 Keratoconus with conical cornea and opacity at apex. 48 Corneal Opacities Fig. 23 Slit picture of interstitial keratitis showing stromal thickening, opacity, abnormal corneal vessels not clearly seen. Fig. 24 Corneal opacity caused by herpes simplex infection (disciform keratitis). Fig.

11 Follicular conjunctivitis resulting from allergy. Follicles mainly on lower palpebral conjunctiva. Fig. 12 Follicular conjunctivitis of trachoma. Follicles on upper palpebral conjunctiva. (Note diagnostic Herbert’s pits at limbus). Fig. 13 Spring catarrh (vernal conjunctivitis) with large flattened papillary hypertrophy of upper palpebral conjunctiva, sometimes mistaken for trachomatous follicles. 45 Raised Conjunctival Lesions Fig. 14 Nasal pterygium encroaching on cornea. Fig. 15 Nasal pinguecula.

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