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Coding for Penetration Testers: Building Better Tools by Jason Andress, Ryan Linn

By Jason Andress, Ryan Linn

Tools used for penetration checking out are frequently bought or downloaded from the net. every one device is predicated on a programming language equivalent to Perl, Python, or Ruby. If a penetration tester desires to expand, increase, or switch the performance of a device to accomplish a try in a different way than the default configuration, the tester needs to recognize the fundamentals of coding for the similar programming language. Coding for Penetration Testers offers the reader with an realizing of the scripting languages which are prevalent while constructing instruments for penetration trying out. It additionally courses the reader via particular examples of customized software improvement and the events the place such instruments may be used. whereas constructing a greater realizing of every language, the reader is guided via real-world situations and gear improvement that may be integrated right into a tester's toolkit.
* Discusses using quite a few scripting languages in penetration testing
* offers step by step directions on the way to construct custom-made penetration checking out instruments utilizing Perl, Ruby, Python, and different languages
* presents a primer on scripting together with, yet no longer restricted to, net scripting, scanner scripting, and exploitation scripting

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You have probably discovered that the % operator performs the remainder operation when used with two positive integer arguments. But what does it do when one or both arguments are negative? >>> 2 >>> -1 >>> 1 >>> -2 11 % 3 11 % -3 -11 % 3 -11 % -3 Try to come up with an explanation of this behavior. To do so, make a chart of the values from –15 to 15, and for each compute the result when used with the mod operator and the value 3. Then do the same chart with –3. Can you see a pattern? From this pattern can you explain the behavior of the mod operator?

Try typing the statements in an interactive session to convince yourself that it has this effect. Now try the simple rewriting used above and see what happens: x = y y = x Why doesn’t this sequence of statements have the effect you want? An exchange of values in two variables is a common requirement in many programs, and Python provides a powerful yet simple solution to this difficulty. Conditionals Another common task is to choose between two or more alternative possibilities depending upon the outcome of a test.

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