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Clinical Pharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple (1st Edition) by James Olson

By James Olson

A concise evaluation of an important rules in scientific pharmacology, with drug comparisons in transparent chart structure. very good Board evaluate. Fourth version.

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Reversing agents must be available. curlum (Tracnum) rfll6tes Wllh ACh at rlicotinic receptors. Dc>es not aclivate receptor. s ·. mct 10 ar'l8sthesia: muscle relaxant. eases intubation and ventllallon. eases onhopedic manlpulallon. controls respiratlOl'l Quring chest surgery OI'IS6t: 3·511111'1. Duration: 25·40 I11In. s WIth kidney and liver laHure (metabolized in Onset: 3-5 Iftn, _I. OJration: 20-4511111'1 .. Pancuronlum {Pavu'onj •• Also has vagolyllc actions. Onset: 1·3 mn. tIen elevatlld haan rate is desired.

Lrttle depei'ldence on kidney (<20%} lor elirrinatio~: dosage adjustment necessary in li~lIr il'Tllairment. USually caidlac slable. E/(Ji induces se~ere tachycardia, bradycardia, A-V block or CHF cOlTlllicatfons in 1% 01 patill~ts. Small rRJscles (lingers, eyes). 2. Urfbs, neck, trunk. 3. I~tercoslal rRJscles, diaphragm. IV. Metabolism: HoUman degradation (breaks ester linkage) in bloodstream, Moderate histarrine release (~asodilation. hypotension). " IV. 80% Hollman degradation. Bradycardia. hypotension " .

Not useful in maintenance therapy. Ambenonlum (Mytelase) carbamyl Myasthenia gravis. More prolonged action than any other antimyasthenic agent PXidostlgmlne ( stinon) carbamyl Myasthenia Wavis; reversal of nondepolarizlng nlJscle relaxants Parathion Organophosphorus Pesticide precursor Malathion Organophosphorus Pesticide (Pho~holine iodi e) 26 Peripheral Nervous System lipid soluble. Absorbed through skin. mucosa, Gltracl. Enters circulation and reaches all central and peripheral cholinergic synapses ..

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