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Chromatographic Methods in Metabolomics by Tuulia Hyotylainen, Susanne Wiedmer, Roger M Smith, Tuulia

By Tuulia Hyotylainen, Susanne Wiedmer, Roger M Smith, Tuulia Hyötyläinen, Ian D Wilson, Katja Dettmer, Akiyoshi Hirayama, Tiina Sikanen, Matej Oresic

This is a necessary guide for any laboratory seeking to embark on a metabolomics examine programme and comprises the basics of chromatography along the most recent advancements within the field.

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Source: modified from Ref. 57. 12 4-fold higher Moderate High High View Online 14/10/2013 09:21:38. 3. Hot ethanol- and water-based extractions were shown to promote conversion of either ATP to ADP and AMP or UDP–sugars to UDP, hence they should not be used. Alkaline extraction of intracellular metabolites was shown to give poor results, due to the occurrence of a viscous precipitate after centrifugation, which made removal of the supernatant difficult. 3). , minimum degradation) and maximum cell extraction.

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