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Chinese medical Qigong therapy: A comprehensive clinical by Jerry Alan Johnson

By Jerry Alan Johnson

By no means earlier than within the background of chinese language medication has a booklet so complete and thorough on clinical Qigong been to be had to the general public. Written by means of an American Qigong health care professional who studied largely in China, this medical textbook presents the 1st whole clarification of the vigorous concept of historical chinese language clinical Qigong that has for hundreds of years eluded and confounded the West.

Designed specifically for the Western brain, this textbook comprises over 1,125 pages of entire textual content, and over 775 charts, images and illustrations that offer an simply understood version of scientific Qigong Theory.

Key gains of this textbook comprise the following:

*Energetic Embryology
*Energetic Anatomy and Physiology
*Training to acknowledge, increase, and Emit Qi
*Energetic Pathology and Qi Deviations
*Energetic analysis and Symptomatology
*Clinical perform of clinical Qigong Therapy
*Energetic Psychology
*Treating melanoma, Tumors, and different Diseases
*Step-by-Step clinical Qigong Prescriptions
*Establishing a clinical Qigong Clinic
*Scientific proof Proving the Efficacy of scientific Qigong treatment

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The color of the patient's Blood provides the doctor with information about the patient's condition. 8. The doctor has inserted a needle with burning Moxa (herbal cones/sticks) on top of it. Burning moxa may also be held over specific channel points or placed directly on the skin. ,---'--0 ~\ ~ -0 I II \\ -- __::c. A Magnetic Patch is being worn on the Wrist. Magnets may be attached to various parts of the body or may be worn in shoes or wristbands. 17 SECTION 1: FOUNDATIONS OF CHINESE ENERGETIC MEDICINE Herbal Therapy Tinctures & Wines Oils 8 , alms & L..

This combination of ancient and modern medical traditions has been dubbed integrative or complementary medicine. In comprehending the full implications of this unlikely marriage, one must understand the divergent approaches to healing between conven- tional Western medicine and traditional Eastern medicine. Contemporary Western medicine grew out of the scientific revolution of the seventeenth century. The philosophy of science, rooted in Aristotle's "empirical materialism," was given a new spin by the French mathematician, Descartes.

This suction drains, or removes, pathogenic Qi from the body's pores. This technique can also be used to tonify specific areas of the body. This modality of treatment has been successfully combined with bloodletting to treat acute sprains accompanied by Blood stagnation. 3. 7). The hammer has five to seven sharp projections that pierce the skin and cause slight bleeding. 6. In Cupping, heated air is directed into wooden, clay, or glass cups, which are then placed on the patient's skin. The cooling air creates suction that drains, or removes, pathogenic Qi from the body's pores.

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