Chi Kung: Way of Power by Lam Kam Chuen

By Lam Kam Chuen

Merits of stimulating the circulation of chi are popular within the jap hemisphere. Now, for the 1st time in print within the Western global, grasp Lam Kam Chuen offers this complex procedure for making improvements to concentration, respiring, and creativity.

The perform of chi kung is based at the 5 energies process of chinese language philosophy. via grasp Chuen’s cautious path, you'll grasp key positions and hobbies that would advance your strength, lessen tension, stave off disorder, and increase your total health.

Chi Kung is either an expertly crafted tutorial consultant and a most likely life-enriching event. persist with the master’s instructing and insights to accomplish every one functional procedure. suppose your muscle groups develop less assailable whereas your brain turns into extra acutely aware, but comfortable. In commencing this ebook, you open your self to the super strength of chi.

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Keep your weight evenly spread over your feet. Do not let your knees bend forwards over your toes. Slowly raise your arms into the posture, Holding the Ball (page 13), and rest in that position for a minute, ensuring that your shoulders, chest and elbows are relaxed. Then gradually raise your arms until your middle fingers are level with your eyeballs. As you do this, be careful not to hunch your shoulders or tighten the muscles in your chest or upper arms. You should feel as if your arms floated up naturally.

Use your mind to practice inner relaxation, releasing tension in your shoulders, back and belly. Visualize your body as being like a large tree, mountain or pyramid, with a firm, heavy base - enduringly unshaken through all conditions. The winds of impatience, anger or fear blow across you like passing storms. The power of your inner work will not only protect you in the midst of stress, it will also subtly generate positive energy that changes YOUR NATURAL STRENGTH: STRESS MANAGEMENT the atmosphere around you.

You can use the ball of your front foot to press your weight backwards towards your rear leg. 8 THE WELLTEMPERED SPIRIT 62 This position, Holding the Tiger, takes its name from the intense energy which it generates. Try to visualize holding the tiger using the picture opposite - it can help you adopt the correct posture ( pages 60-61). Once you have learned the basic positions for your feet and hands and have practiced holding the posture without moving, you can apply your mind to holding the imaginary tiger.

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