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Central Interaction Between Respiratory and Cardiovascular by H. P. Koepchen (auth.), Professor Dr. H. P. Koepchen,

By H. P. Koepchen (auth.), Professor Dr. H. P. Koepchen, Professor Dr. S. M. Hilton, Professor Dr. A. Trzebski (eds.)

This e-book provides the complaints of a satellite tv for pc symposium of the XXVllth overseas Congress of IUPS held in Berlin, July 12-15, 1977 the newest of a sequence of conferences facing the association of the autonomic apprehensive procedure, specially its crucial worried regulate (Warsaw 1971, Tokyo 1974, Heidelberg 1976). This was once an celebration for the dialogue of the speedily expanding adventure of laboratories and study teams in a couple of nations. curiosity is transforming into within the association of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve offers, and there's a lot new fabric derived mostly from unmarried unit re­ cordings inside either principal and peripheral fearful buildings. It has lengthy been recognized that a variety of rhythms originating in imperative ner­ vous constructions, together with the breathing rhythm, are mirrored in autonomic outflows. in addition, the autonomic responses themselves hardly ever seem in isolation, and tend to be obvious as a part of styles of switch concerning a couple of organs and structures. those evidence by myself suggest com­ plex interactions in the primary frightened process, which point out that reviews of relationships among the correct inputs, intrinsic primary worried job and autonomic outputs represent a distinct department of neurophysiology which should be constructed which will achieve insights into the kinds of significant fearful association that are in­ volved.

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The mechanisms underlying these changes in the nerve activity are complex but mainly due to changes in the baroreceptor afferent input (16, 28) . Neurones were labelled renal nerve-correlated reticular neurones when significant alterations of their discharge frequency were induced in parallel with the drug-induced changes in renal nerve activity, and when the correlated changes in both were reproduced exactly in three successive trials. Two types of renal nerve activity-correlated neurones were found.

Wei and I (1977) (6) were recently reminded of these experiments when we examined in anaesthetized cats the cardiovascular effects of morphine. We found that heart rate and arterial blood pressure were affected in opposite directions when a small dose of morphine (400 ~g) was injected into the cerebral ventricles or into the cisterna magna. Intraventricularly, it produced pronounced tachycardia with a sharp, short-lasting rise in blood pressure; intracisternally, it produced mild bradycardia and a gradual, long-lasting fall in blood pressure.

Then they showed that unilateral 50 VASO- Fig. 3. Vasopressin release produced in a cat anaesthetized with chloralose by applying tubocurarine (Tub) in a concentration of 20 mg/ml through paired Perspex rings to the ventral surface of the brain stem at the areas indicated in Fig. 2 by the ovals B. The black columns give the times when venous blood samples were taken and the height of the columns the vasopressin content of the plasma in llU/ml. [(Feldberg and Rocha e Silva, Jr, PRESSIN pu/ml. r- 700 ~ Tub.

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