Cardiovascular Risk Factors by A. Gasparyan

By A. Gasparyan

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2010). , 2010). 7 Family history as a CV risk factor Introduction … It has been well established that the family is the primary context in which health behaviours are learned, performed and developed over time (Allen & Warner, 2002; Laudenbauch & Ford-Gilboe, 2004). It has also been well established that family history of heart disease increases an offspring’s chances of developing CV risk factors and CHD (McCusker, et al. , 2004). This is true, particularly if a first degree family member (father, mother, or sibling) had a heart attack (O’Donnell, 2004).

A questionnaire on family history of cardiovascular disease is sent home to be completed in conjunction with parents. Registered public health school nurses measured height, weight to calculate the Body Mass Index (BMI). Blood pressure and nonfasting total cholesterol screening were also tested. If any abnormalities are detected, the students were referred to their primary health care provider for follow-up. Data were analyzed for the school year 2006. The researchers reported that 14% of the participants had one or more cardiovascular risk factors.

The literature was reviewed in the Canadian study that demonstrated living in a low socioeconomic status (SES) is linked to poorer health (Adler & Newman, 2002). A strong relationship has been demonstrated between low SES and increased mortality (Andersen et al 1997); between low SES and specific risk factors for diseases such as cancer (Conway et al, 2008; Shakley & Clark 2005); and diabetes (Eversen et al, 2002). One of the most consistent associations has been found between SES and cardiovascular disease (Kaplan & Keil, 1993; Pollitt et al, 2005) and stroke (Cox et al, 2006).

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