Cardiovascular OCT Imaging by Ik-Kyung Jang

By Ik-Kyung Jang

OCT is speedily being followed in cardiology perform. even though, hole exists among the rate of expertise improvement and the information of cardiologists. Many cardiologists will not be acquainted with photo interpretation and don’t have adequate background/knowledge to exploit the data in medical perform. This ebook should be designed for busy interventional cardiologists to develop into quick acquainted with this rising expertise with a purpose to make the most of its strength increase sufferer care and outcome.

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The fiber carrying the source light is divided into two fibers, creating the sample and reference paths. Both signals are then fed through a fiber circulator. These non-reciprocal elements enable to efficiently relay the signals to the sample and the reference mirror, and the signals reflected from there to the detector. Unlike the double pass through the beam splitter of the free-space configuration, which directs half of the reflected signal back towards the light source, the circulators prevent this signal loss and provide an inherent signal advantage.

If the first term results in a tomogram t(z), then the second term produces a tomogram t(−z), mirrored about the zero differential path length, as illustrated in Fig. 1. Generally, this results in a disturbing overlap that can be avoided by adjusting sufficient path length difference between the reference and the sample arm, or by employing additional strategies to separate the two terms. Although the reconstructed tomogram is a close image of the original structure, the spectral shape of the source effectively performs a weighting of the spatial frequency spectrum.

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