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Cardiovascular Measurement in Anaesthesiology by C.-A. Andreae (auth.), Professor C. Prys-Roberts, Professor

By C.-A. Andreae (auth.), Professor C. Prys-Roberts, Professor M. D. Vickers (eds.)

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Br J Anaesth 52; 247 4. Husemeyer RP, O'Connor MC and Davenport HT (1980) Failure of epidural morphine to relieve pain in labour. Anaesthesia 35; 161 5. Writer WDR, James FM and Wheeler AS (1981) Double blind comparison of morphine and bupivicaine for continuous epidural analgesia in labour. Anesthesiology 54; 215 6.

The upper part of Fig. 3 depicts the theoretical blood level for this scheme and the bottom the amount in the peripheral compartment of an open two compartment model. 2 min 0 0 20 ~ 9220 P9 40 80 100 120 INFUSION SCHEME p9/ min 600 60 400 200 min 0 0 Fig. 3. T. scheme in the middle of the figure represents the infusion scheme to achieve constant blood levels from the start of the infusion (upper part). The lower part depicts the amount of drug in the peripheral compartment of an open 2 compartment model 20 40 80 PERIPHERAL m9 15 60 100 120 AMOUNT 10 5 min 0 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 ling this infusion scheme were taken from a group of 7 volunteers who also had a bolus administered.

J. Hull and S. Bower The pharmacokinetic characteristics of alfentanil were compared with those of fentanyl in seven healthy volunteers. 5 min Lv. infusion. Venous blood samples were taken over the period 0-360 min and the plasma separated and stored at -20°C until assay. Each sample was assayed in triplicate for fentanyl and alfentanil content, by independent radio-immunoassays. The molar ratio of cross-reactivity of each drug in assay for the other was less than 10-4 in both cases. Weighted, least squares, non-linear regression analysis was used to fit a bi-exponential curve to each set of data, and the corresponding two-compartment open model was derived.

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