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Cardiac Mechano-Electric Coupling and Arrhythmias by Peter Kohl, Frederick Sachs, Michael R. Franz

By Peter Kohl, Frederick Sachs, Michael R. Franz

Cardiac Mechano-Electric suggestions and Arrhythmias offers a completely reviewed compendium written by way of best specialists within the box at the mechanism and effects of cardiac mechano-electrical coupling. Its insurance levels from stretch-activated ion channels to robotically triggered arrhythmias and mechanical interventions for middle rhythm correction. info is grouped into logical sections, from molecular mechanisms, to phone, tissue and full organ responses, all the way through to patient-based observations and perception rising from medical trials. the data supplied conscientiously highlights either consensus perception and present shortcomings in our realizing of cardiac mechano-electric coupling.

The booklet has been completely revised and increased considering that ebook of the 1st version in 2005, largely up to date to mirror fresh advancements within the box, and now deals a extra balanced view of mechano-electrical interactions within the center and develops a extra scientific concentration. Written with the complex clinical scholar and junior medical professional in brain, it is going to additionally supply attention-grabbing new perception for the proven doctor with an curiosity in cardiac arrhythmogenesis and center rhythm administration.

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