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Captured by Charybdis by Bruce McLachlan

By Bruce McLachlan

Book Details:

ISBN: 1903931045
EAN: 9781903931042
ASIN: 1903931045
Publisher: Chimera Pub (Mm)
Publication Date: 2001-10-29
Number of Pages: 256
Website: Amazon, LibraryThing, Google Books, Goodreads

Synopsis from Amazon:

Mina, an agent of commercial espionage, is employed to enquire the secretive hidden undertaking of a robust industrialist. Following the path to venture Charybdis, she reveals an underwater international the place girl slaves serve the lusts of others, not able to flee as they're reworked into latex-bound mermaids, pets, and gadgets of carnal extra. a few are paid to be current, others are captives who've been kidnapped and forcibly proficient to serve. Having blundered into the undertaking, Mina joins the rubber-encased ranks of the deep-sea harem. There she reveals new excitement in her strict captivity as she surrenders herself to these she have been despatched to reveal, and who now topic her to never-ending and inventive acts of depravity.

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