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Brief History of the Future by John Naughton

By John Naughton

The net is the main awesome factor people have outfitted because the Pyramids. John Naughton's publication intersperses superb own tales with an authoritative account of the place the web truly got here from, who invented it and why, and the place it would be taking us. such a lot folks don't know of the way the net works or who created it. Even fewer have any notion of what it skill for society and the long run. In a cynical age, John Naughton has now not misplaced his skill for ask yourself. He examines the character of his personal enthusiasm for expertise and strains its roots in his lonely formative years and in his courting together with his father. a quick historical past of the longer term is an intensely own party of imaginative and prescient and altruism, ingenuity and resolution and peculiarly, of the facility of rules, passionately felt, to alter the area.

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It will undermine established industries and create new ones. It challenges traditional notions of sovereignty, makes a mockery of national frontiers and continental barriers and ignores cultural sensitivities. It accelerates the rate of technological change to the point where even those who are supposed to be riding the crest of the wave begin to complain of 'change fatigue'. In its conjunction of the words 'terrible' and 'beauty', Yeats's phrase has a strange ambiguity. His critics focus on the noun and read into it the glorification of blood-soaked Irish nationalism, the ideology which found its modern expression in the terrorism of the IRA.

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