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Born in the USA: How a Broken Maternity System Must Be Fixed by Marsden Wagner

By Marsden Wagner

During this infrequent, behind-the-scenes examine what is going on in hospitals around the kingdom, an established scientific insider and overseas authority on childbirth assesses the fallacious American maternity care process, powerfully demonstrating the way it fails to carry secure, potent take care of either moms and infants. Written for parents, obstetricians, nurses, midwives, scientists, coverage execs, and somebody considering having a baby, this passionate exposé files how, within the most costly maternity care method on the planet, girls have misplaced keep an eye on over childbirth and what the aggravating result of this phenomenon were. Born within the USA examines concerns together with midwifery and the protection of out-of-hospital beginning, how the method of changing into a physician can adversely impact either practitioners and their sufferers, and why there was an increase within the use of dicy yet doctor-friendly interventions, together with using Cytotec, a drug that has no longer been licensed by means of the FDA for pregnant girls. most significantly, this gripping research, supported by means of many troubling own tales, explores how girls can reclaim the childbirth event for the betterment of themselves and their children.

Born within the USA tells:

  • Why ladies are 70% likely to die in childbirth in the United States than in Europe
  • What motivates obstetricians to take advantage of risky and pointless medications and procedures
  • How the current malpractice difficulty has been irritated by way of the terror of accountability
  • Why methods resembling cesarean part and start inductions are so easily used

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The techniques go as far as the financial sponsorship of obstetricians to attend prestigious international conferences at which the sponsor's equipment is displayed and promoted. Such conferences can be educative, but it is difficult for the recipients of gifts to maintain an impartial attitude to the donors and their wares. The interests of the manufacturers of medical equipment and drugs coincide exactly with the interests of those who preach and practise obstetric management and conflict directly with the interests of those who preach and want to practise natural childbirth.

But a woman's fitness to reproduce depends only partly on the standard of living and of nutrition she currently enjoys. It depends also on the nutrition she has received since her conception, throughout her fetal, infant and childhood life, when the structure of her body and her reproductive organs were developing. The trend in death rates indicates that, although the current standards of nutrition enjoyed by women of childbearing age were improving in the late 19th century, their physical development had been inherited from more deprived times.

But if it can do little to protect the professional status of midwives, its triennial conferences generate great enthusiasm and mutual comfort among the members who participate, so that hopes are kept alive that future reforms are worth fighting for (Chapter 2). In this regard also, obstetricians have been much more effective. In the 1930s, the young British College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists was quick to extend its influence to the then Dominions of the British Commonwealth. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was founded in 1951.

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