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Between the Sheets: Lesbian Love by Annabeth Leong, Alison Wonderland, D. N. Esacarys, Nicole

By Annabeth Leong, Alison Wonderland, D. N. Esacarys, Nicole Swann, Scarlett Rush

A suite of 5 exceptional sapphic stories

Perfect Stranger by means of Annabeth Leong

Gretchen arranges a no-strings-attached reliable time with a stranger-but realizes too past due that she ignored to specify gender. the lady she's been organize with, although, has a fetish for first-timers and is all too satisfied to teach her the ropes.

Flick Chicks by means of Alison Wonderland

Flick Chicks tells the story of 2 movie fanatics (and motion picture buffs). the films the chicks create are encouraged by means of the stag motion pictures of the fifties recognized for that includes the 3 B's: bondage, backsides, and Bettie Page... in addition to the occasional piece of equestrian equipment.

Aphrodite's Exile through D.N. Esacarys

A appealing Greek goddess explanations terror as she starts off the Trojan warfare. Her punishment; exile to an island inhabited in simple terms by means of women.

Curiosity Cured the Cat via Nicole Swann

Two lesbian enthusiasts support their bi-curious housewife neighbor to get in contact together with her sexuality through placing on a truly own and up-close intercourse show.

Heather Honey via Scarlett Rush

Lost within the rainswept heather of the Highlands, she unearths safe haven in a cottage owned by way of the individual she might least anticipate finding there: a stunning red-headed cougar, all dressed up able to seduce. it kind of feels she has walked directly into the type of scene one simply unearths in erotic stories. absolutely her myth is ready to come back actual? even if, while Ailsa and Lexi additionally occur, issues take an unforeseen turn...

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Very slowly—with her eyes cast down—she masticated for what seemed an inordinately long time then swallowed hard. Very primly, she took the napkin some thoughtful soul had added to the tray and daintily wiped her greasy lips then her fingers. With graceful movement, she took up the goblet on the tray, looked down at it, sniffed, and then took a small sip. Lucien almost smiled as he saw the woman close her eyes as though having a religious experience. She drew in a deep breath then exhaled slowly, her eyes still closed.

When Lucien had taken his fill, he carefully lowered the hurting man’s head to the pillow and withdrew his hand. ” Lucien asked, his voice weak. “At the foot of your bed,” Petros replied. ” Slowly, Lucien turned his head but he could see nothing save the bulk of the mattress upon which he lay. ” “I wanted to,” Petros answered. “But no. Ari did that nerve compression thing on her neck and she went out like a light. ” Lucien frowned. ” Petros craned his head around and looked down at the woman curled on her side, her left leg shackled to the footboard.

Oh,” the woman whined. Manly tears had always touched her in a strange way and even if those tears came from a creature she feared, she could not help reaching out to place a hand on his tousled hair. Almost instantly, the moaning stopped and the creature turned so his cheek was resting in her hand. “Magdalena,” he sighed. His lips moved over the woman’s palm in a soft kiss and before she could pull her hand away, he had captured it and pressed it over his heart. Feeling the dampness of his sweat beneath the crisp dark hair on his chest, the woman’s heart skipped a beat.

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