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Best of Asian Erotica: Volume 2 by Richard Lord

By Richard Lord

The 16 seductive intercourse tales during this steamy moment quantity of literary erotica from Asia are bound to entertain and arouse. totally not anything is out of bounds, providing readers a glimpse into the erotic lives of Asia’s population. recognized authors John Burdett and sunrise Farnham are joined during this choice of brief tales by means of leave out Izzy, Lee Yew Moon and Alaric Leong from Singapore, Suzanna Kusuma from Indonesia, Amir Muhammed from Malaysia and through different erotica writers established within the unique East. The tales in quantity 2 of “Best of Asian Erotica” discover erotica from a number of angles, yet all of them have fun the sensual within the definite voice of best writing. “Best of Asian Erotica” is Asia’s sexiest short-story sequence and is a welcome and wealthy addition to the growing to be record of erotic literature during this so much erotic nook of the realm. Contents: reliable Morning, Bangkok by means of Andrew Penney; The intercourse factor with the Tempoyak by way of Amir Muhammed; evening experience via Nigel Hogge; fresh intercourse via Ricky Low; The merchant through John Burdett; Breaking Glass by means of sunrise Farnham; membership Koyaanisquatsi by means of omit Izzy; Painin by way of Brenton Rossow; large Love by way of Chris Mooney Singh; Aphrodite via Suzanna Kusuma; The Phoenix Tattoos by means of Richard Lord; Mirrors by means of Christopher Taylor; The flesh presser by way of Amirul B Ruslan; Femme Fatale via O Thiam Chin; Celibation via Lee Yew Moon; and that i, Teiresius by means of Alaric Leong. (All the tales during this booklet have formerly been released in print in “Best of Southeast Asian Erotica” or “Best of Singapore Erotica”.)

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Her flower-scent bloomed around them and he tasted her desire in the heat of her mouth and in the way her tongue slid against his, as if she had to know its texture, too. All his muscles tensed, every one, everywhere, going rock-solid. He pressed her mouth harder, took the kiss deeper, and even though he felt his blood rush through his body and his heartbeat jump to unpwece-dented speed, his mind remained crystal-clear, as if to sear this new kiss in his memory. His eyes opened, and he saw hers as languid slits of blue, like pieces of hot summer sky.

She seemed glad to have something beneath her. **Oh, Mom has the story straight," he rephed, scrutinizing Elena even more closely. *'Can I get you something to eat? A beer? " She waved a weary hand. " When he came back in with two bottles of beer in one hand and a plate of cold pizza in the other, Elena was coll^sed against the back cushion of her chair. He handed her a bottie and put the pizza on the scarred end table between the two recliners, nudging over the remote control to make room. She took a long swallow of beer then cast him a look.

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