Babycare Before Birth by Zita West

By Zita West

Bringing jointly attention-grabbing new study that indicates while pregnant a lady could make a dramatic distinction to her unborn baby's overall healthiness, health and wellbeing, improvement, and all-round destiny strength through making small changes to her nutrition and way of life, this awesome e-book explains how you can provide your child the very best commence in existence.

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Eggs being fertilized by two sperm. out by your physician or midwife and, in any case they should give you a blood test to check your immunity (see page 14). Discuss any medications you are taking, such as antibiotics. You may be concerned that you’ve eaten raw fish or meat recently, or you might have been dealing with cat litter and be worried about contracting toxoplasmosis. If you are in any doubt at all, talk to your doctor, who will arrange tests if need be. DONOR EGGS AND SPERM If you are unable to have your own child, or you or your partner risk passing on a genetic disorder, you may consider donor eggs or sperm.

After the eggs have been transferred to your uterus, it may encourage implantation and the maintenance of a pregnancy. • Reflexology can be helpful in preparation for IVF, particularly on the parts of the foot corresponding to the pelvis and lymphatic system. Tell the practitioner you are planning a pregnancy. WA I T I N G A N D N U R T U R I N G Relaxation and stress relief are key Once you have undergone all the IVF procedures, you have a couple of weeks to wait and see if an embryo implants and you become pregnant.

FIRST TRIMESTER what’s happening? Some women know they’re pregnant before they’ve even missed a period. For others, in the week leading up to what would have been their period, their breasts feel tender, they’ll be tired and perhaps unusually sensitive to scents. Others won’t get any signs at all, and they might not suspect they’re pregnant for weeks. L AY I N G F O U N DAT I O N S Just a week or so after embryo implantation, rapid changes take place daily as the foundations of your pregnancy are laid down.

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