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Authentic Shaolin Heritage: Training Methods Of 72 Arts Of by Jin Jing Zhong, Andrew Timofeevich

By Jin Jing Zhong, Andrew Timofeevich

The ebook ''Training equipment of seventy two Arts of Shaolin'' by way of Jin Jing Zhong is dedicated to the main enigmatic and little-known point of educating of Shaolin clergymen. The booklet used to be written in 1934 with blessing and direct participation of the abbot of the Shaolin Monastery Reverend Miao Xing nicknamed ''Golden Arhat'', the most effective Shaolin warring parties of all occasions. For the 1st time the ebook describes complete education tools in all seventy two Shaolin Arts. Being until eventually lately for outsiders the main mystery a part of education of Shaolin clergymen, which made them invulnerable in struggle, seventy two Shaolin Arts this day turn into on hand to all who're able to perform them many times and with an open middle. education tools defined within the booklet permit to improve supernatural skills, a long way past skills of a standard guy. The booklet has been translated from the chinese for the 1st time.

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During training time QI sets into motion XUE and it circulates throughout the entire body. In such a way, step by step, you become strong and firm. You will be protected against epidemics of dangerous diseases, you will not be afraid of cold and heat, you will get out of any mess with confidence and overcome any difficulties. But for it you must strain every effort. QI should be trained to such a level that it could concentrate in any part 29 of your body by an order of your will – from axillary ribs to finger tips.

Pronounce hieroglyph CHUI for the kidney with the arms around your knees. Pronounce hieroglyph HU for the spleen with the lips protruded to the front and rounded. Pronounce 31 hieroglyph XI for "Three Heaters"2. That is the method of treatment of internal organs. Internal organs is the residence of QI and JIN. If they are not sound, how can one get good results in GONG FU? That's why it is necessary to pronounce six sounds each day before training - to eliminate inner evil and prevent outside evil from penetration.

Shaolin WU SENGs1 often train this method too and improve their combat abilities by means of this exercise. In such a way, for instance, practised monk Zi An in time of the Yuan dynasty (1279 – 1368), monks Jue Xun, Ben Lai, Beng Zheng in time of the Ming dynasty (1368 – 1644), many other GAO SENGs2 acquired this exercise with perfection. Shaolin WU SENG, tutor Chun Mi said: “The iron circle RUYI is the most convenient, if you travel a great deal, you can take it with you. In your spare time, when you have nothing to do, you can train this exercise and at the crucial moment it will help you to escape danger”.

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