Astrid Cane by Anonymous

By Anonymous

Coming-of-age story a couple of younger lady who's slowly yet absolutely (and lingeringly) initiated into the realm of womanhood, and dominatrix-dom. First informed through girl Julia Tingle, Astrid turns into a feared and wanted mistress in her personal correct, best us via a variety of encounters with either women and men.

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I have a certain hunger myself. We shall see to ourselves well in that respect--as to several others-when we arrive chez vous. Come, sit upon the bed, you will be more comfortable. ' 'WHA-AAAAT! Oh! The horror of things that are said and done here! ' moaned Harriet, whose shoulders shook anew as limply she allowed herself to be re-seated, her hands twisting all about each other. Undisturbed by this display, Astrid placed her arm about Harriet's shoulders and said no more until Amy entered, bearing a silver tray.

Ooooh! Ah! Yes! Suck my tongue! Darling, I can feel your thing throbbing all the time! ' Silkily Harriet's belly rippled, causing her brother's prick to throb faster. Her upper lip rolled back as each sucked in turn greedily upon the other's saliva. ' 'You bad thing, yes, if you want to. Oh, you are flooding me! How warm and sticky it is! You must never put it in me, Will, your promise? ' So gabbled Harriet on and on, as with every word a fresh jet of spermatic bliss issued from Will's prick until a veritable pool of gruelly delight swam between his pulsing organ and her body.

You are fit at least to service females. Tell me how you have comported yourself with Harriet these past months. Omit nothing, for I shall gain the truth from her,' came Julia's voice coldly while Will turned about to face her as he knew he must. Julia listened to his halting recital, threadbare as it was of lascivious details. He had seen Harriet's thighs, her knickered bottom, often in his peepings. He had espied several times her breasts naked when she thought herself not observed. Yes, he had worn her drawers, and licked and sniffed her shoes and boots.

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