Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease by W. Chen

By W. Chen

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His solution was to correlate the amount of pretarsal skin that is allowed to remain (the location of the lid incision) with the tarsal height, excising the desired skin with its supratarsal crease and then recreating a new precise crease fold by attaching the dermis of the pretarsal skin flap to the aponeurosis and tarsus. The tarsus is everted and its height measured. It is marked on the skin side with the same distance from the lash line, which adds 2mm to the distance as measured from the actual lid margin.

2 Asian Blepharoplasty and the Eyelid Crease 44 2 3 2 Stab incision 3 Stab incision Skin Orbicularis muscle 1 2 2 1 Fig. 5-3 Variation 2. Full-thickness suturing technique with stab incisions. Levator aponeurosis .. Muller's muscle Conjunctiva Chapter 5 Suture Ligation Methods 45 Strategic placement of intramuscular sutures creates infolding of crease Indentation of skin Skin Orbicularis muscle Exit 1 2 Entry for both needles of double-armed sutures Levator aponeurosis .. Muller's muscle Conjunctiva Fig.

This typically includes a frontal view, oblique side views, upgaze and downgaze and, most importantly, if the patient has had previous surgeries, a close-up macro view of the existing surgical lines or lid-crease scar. This last item has been very useful for fully informing patients in much of the revision cases I perform. In this very litigious climate, adequate documentation is truly the best policy. 5-in floppy disks. This is conveniently kept in each patient’s chart and can be used for review purposes.

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