Arm-locks for All Styles by Iain Stuart Abernethy

By Iain Stuart Abernethy

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The person observing the training should inform both people to stop the instant there is any possibility of injury. For competence to be achieved, it is vital that you engage in live practise. Compliant practise, although initially important, will not give you the skills needed to deal with a non-compliant opponent. You need to practise your arm-locks realistically if real skill is to be attained. Arm-locks are not a major part of self-protection; they are only ever used when the ideal opportunity presents itself.

So if we are to learn new techniques, does that mean we have to create new forms? There is no reason why you couldn’t create further forms, but in my opinion there is no real need to do so. Any ‘new’ arm-lock is sure to have plenty in common with the techniques already present in your existing forms. All you need to 26 The Role of Kata, Hyungs & Forms do is ‘mentally attach’ the new technique to that part of the form. You don’t alter the form; simply make a mental note of the ‘new variation’ of the technique in the form.

To damage the joint from here, all you need do is keep your knees in position and pull upward on the opponent’s hand. This technique is one of the functions of the ‘lower X-block’ as found in a number of the forms. Figure 20 Figure 22 Figure 21 Figure 23 43 Arm-Locks for All Styles Wrist-Lock 6 Figure 24 The opponent has seized your clothing. Drop your forearm onto the opponent’s forearm as you deliver an edge of hand strike to their carotid sinus (Figure 24). Maintain contact with the opponent’s forearm as you slide your arm across so that your fingers are on the inside of the opponent’s elbow.

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