Antibiotics Simplified by Jason C. Gallagher

By Jason C. Gallagher

Antibiotics Simplified is integrated within the 2015 variation of the basic choice of Doody’s middle Titles. Antibiotics Simplified, 3rd variation is a best-selling, succinct consultant designed to bridge wisdom received in uncomplicated sciences classes with medical perform in infectious ailments. This functional textual content stories uncomplicated microbiology and the way to strategy the pharmacotherapy of a sufferer with a presumed an infection. It additionally comprises concise Drug category reports with a proof of the features of varied sessions of antibacterial medications and antifungal medicines. Antibiotics Simplified, 3rd version simplifies studying infectious disorder pharmacotherapy and condenses the various evidence which are taught approximately antibiotics into one speedy reference consultant. This consultant might help scholars research the features of antibiotics and why an antibiotic comes in handy for a sign. With an figuring out of the features of the antibiotics, scholars could be capable of make a logical option to deal with infection extra simply. With beneficial figures and circulation charts, Drug type reports, a Spectra of task chart, and an index for reference, this is often a fantastic instruction manual for college students in addition to training pharmacists, physicians, and different clinicians! New to the 3rd version • extended Appendix 2 • New medicines: Fidaxomicin, Rilpirvirine, Hepatitis C medicinal drugs, Interferon, Ribavirin, Telapravir,Bocepravir, Hepatitis B medications (most for HIV, few on my own – Adefovir, Entecavir, Telbivudine) • New issues: o examining MICs and susceptibility effects MICs – the idea that and the truth [The MIC (Minimum Inhibitory focus) is the bottom focus of antimicrobial agent which inhibits the expansion of the microorganism] Susceptibility - PK o Pharmacokinetics of Antimicrobials

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There are many WBCs with many Grampositive cocci but no Gram-negative rods (GNRs), so the clinician discontinues piperacillin/tazobactam. Blood cultures do not grow any organisms. The following day (Day 3), culture results from the wound reveal many Staphylococcus aureus. Because vancomycin is usually effective against this organism, its use is continued. On Day 4, susceptibility results from the wound culture return. The S. aureus is found to be susceptible to methicillin, oxacillin, cefazolin, piperacillin/ tazobactam, clindamycin, TMP/SMX, and vancomycin.

This is usually because high oral doses lead to excessive gastrointestinal tract toxicity. Table 3–1 groups antibiotics into groups with high oral bioavailability and full or near intravenous–oral dose equivalence, those with good oral bioavailability but substantially lower oral than intravenous chapter 3 Pharmacokinetics 25 Table 3–1 Examples of Absorption for Different Oral Antibiotics Drug Bioavailability Typical Intravenous Dose Typical Oral Dose Drugs with High Bioavailability and Similar Intravenous–Oral Doses Metronidazole 95–100% 500 mg IV q8h 500 mg PO q8h Levofloxacin 95–100% 500–750 mg IV q8 500–750 mg PO daily Linezolid 95–100% 600 mg IV q8h 600 mg PO q12h Fluconazole 95–100% 200–400 mg IV daily 200–400 mg PO daily Doxycycline 95–100% 100 mg IV q12h 100 mg PO q12h Ciprofloxacin ~80% 400 mg IV q12h 500 mg PO q12h Drugs with High Bioavailability but Different Intravenous–Oral Doses Aminopenicillins ~90% Ampicillin: 1–2 g IV q4–6h Amoxicillin: 500 mg–1 g PO TID First-gen cephalosporins ~90% Cefazolin: 1–2 g IV q8h Cephalexin: 500 mg PO QID Drugs with Low Bioavailability and Different Intravenous–Oral Doses Cefuroxime ~40% 750 mg IV q8h 500 mg PO BID Acyclovir ~25% 5 mg/kg IV q8h 400 mg PO TID doses, and those with limited oral bioavailability.

Use the Proper Dose Bacteria that are exposed to low concentrations of antibiotics are more likely to become resistant than those exposed to effective doses. After all, dead bugs don’t mutate! Further research in pharmacodynamics should make it easier to determine the proper dose for each patient and thus to reduce the likelihood that resistance will develop. Use the Shortest Effective Duration of Therapy Unfortunately, duration of therapy is one of the least-studied areas of infectious diseases.

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