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Amor: Amor y deseo según Isabel Allende: sus mejores páginas by Isabel Allende

By Isabel Allende

Atrévete a amar.
La gran narradora chilena escribe abiertamente, haciendo un guiño a sus lectores, sobre sus experiencias en el sexo y el amor.

«Mi vida sexual comenzó temprano, más o menos a los cinco años, en el kindergarten de las monjas ursulinas, en Santiago de Chile.» Con estas palabras, Isabel Allende inicia este compendio sobre amor y eros compuesto por fragmentos escogidos de sus obras, que esbozan a través de sus personajes l. a. propia trayectoria important de l. a. autora.

Si hay alguien capaz de describir con maestría, personalidad y humor los angeles naturaleza caprichosa del amor, es Isabel Allende. Esta recopilación de escenas de amor, seleccionadas de entre sus libros, son una invitación a sumergirse en l. a. lectura, soñar y sonreír.

«Un encuentro íntimo con una de las escritoras más leídas del mundo, que revela ese "misterio de lo prohibido" que está tan de moda.»
El Norte de Castilla

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Everything else was smooth, and pretty, and dangerously seductive. Somehow, her faintly reddish skin did not disrupt this image, it only made her more alluring. Summer stood, running her hands over her black top. She straightened her back, shook her hair loose from its weak restraints. Blonde tresses spilled down to her shoulders. She found it fitting, in a sense. Black-haired demon, blonde sorceress. ” Summer did her best to sound commanding and in control. She did not feel like she did a very good job, and the light sneer she detected from the demoness confirmed her fear.

This completes you far more than jumping over a fire with a man who will never understand your art. You’re good at this. ” She whimpered. The words hit the surface of her mind, and then sank into her subconsciousness. There was nothing she could do to stop it. They cemented the suggestion and mind control that had already been exerted on her in a way she could detect happening, but could not do anything about. She did not want to do anything about it. The demoness was right, after all. She had never felt more complete, more accepted and intimate than in that moment, kneeling, servicing and worshipping Eliza’s shaft.

She tried to grind her legs together, but instead found her thighs pushing against someone’s canvas trousers. It took few seconds for that fact to translate properly in her mind. And even when it did, it was only a sort of weak notion or suggestion that she look down. Her head felt heavy, or her neck weak. She was not sure which, but it was a struggle to refocus her eyes to see what was going on. A large, well-built brunette stood between her legs, smiling deviously. Just as Jacqueline was looking, the six and a half foot woman unzipped her pants and pushed black boxers down to reveal a fat, plump cockshaft and an equally well-developed nutsack.

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