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All the Glory of Adam: Liturgical Anthropology in the Dead by Crispin H T Fletcher-Louis

By Crispin H T Fletcher-Louis

This quantity examines useless Sea Scroll texts which pertain to the Qumran community's realizing of: a transcendent, angelmorphic or divine humanity; and the position of cultic area and time, and the event of worship, within the formation of this type of humanity. The booklet comprises 12 chapters. the 1st 3 are dedicated to fabric which both antedates or presents vital cognate fabric to the perculiarly sectarian fabric studied within the the remainder chapters (especially the publication of Noah and Sirach). Chapters 4 to 6 study texts dedicated to a divine humanity, the divine or angelec Moses and the heavenly human priesthood. The 7th bankruptcy discusses the magical and theophanic importance of the excessive priest's breastpiece at Qumran. Chapters 8 to 11 are revisionist studying of the "Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice" as a liturgy for a divine humanity, and bankruptcy thirteen proposes a brand new interpretation of 1QM 10-17 within the comparable vein. except useless Sea Scroll students, this publication must also be beneficial for someone engaged on biblical anthropology, messianism and Christology, and temple or cultic theology.

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As we shall see in later chapters the language used, particularly the tide "first minister before the face of God" is equivalent to much older traditions of priestly mediation, well-known to the Qumran community. 95 91 OTP 2:699-714 and see esp. Smith 1968. 1968 and 0 7 7 2:699-714 passim. ANGELOMORPHISM I N LATE SECOND TEMPLE JUDAISM 29 Joseph and Asenclh Another example of the way in which the priesthood and temple provide the life setting for the angelomorphic life is provided by the pseudepigraphical Romance Joseph and Aseneth.

In the Hebrew 3 Enoch Enoch undergoes heavenly ascent transformation, gigantic enlargement (ch. 9), fiery transformation and investiture (ch. 12); he is renamed Metatron the prince of the divine presence and the lesser Yahweh (eh. 10; 12:5) and identified with the Angel of the LORD wdio bears God's Name in Exodus 23:20-21). 74 The antiquity of this angelomorphic Enoch tradition is uncertain. ), Enoch has jjeculiar rights of access to the divine presence (chs. 14-15), however he is not explicitly said to be divine or angelic.

In the biblical material, as Joseph Blenkinsopp has shown, Noah's ark has become a key element in the priestly compiler's creation-tabernacle theological structure: the ark stands in a similar position as a bulwark against the forces of chaos to that designed for (he Tabernacle (and Temple). " The Birth of Noah clearly follows the priesüy tradition in its Enoch, Methuselah, Lamech, Noah genealogy (cf. Gen 5:21~32). The priestly nature of the Noah traditions in Jubilees and the Dead Sea Scrolls has tended to be overlooked by commentators.

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