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Alchohol Distillation Principles Equipment Relationships and by Eric Kvaalen, Philip C. Wankat

By Eric Kvaalen, Philip C. Wankat

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1981). Acute pancreatitis was also found in two children poisoned with diazinon (Weizman and Sofer 1992). In male albino Wistar rats exposed to high acute doses of diazinon prior to death, lamina propria of the small intestine were congested, and occasional small areas of hemorrhage and necrosis at the mouth of gastric glands were observed. The digestive tract was dehydrated with small increases in organ wet weight except for the cecum, whose wet weight declined approximately 32%. Other effects included pyloric stomach ulceration and inflammation of the small intestine and cecum (Boyd and Carsky 1969).

One male dog given 10 mg/kg/day diazinon for 8 months exhibited an absence of pericardial fat on the heart, as well as a cord-like appearance of the heart vessels (Earl et al. 1971). Two other dogs, given 10 or 20 mg/kg/day diazinon, exhibited markedly elevated serum lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). This is a nonspecific response that may be suggestive of either cardiac or skeletal muscle damage or some other unknown pathology. Pallor was reported in male Sprague-Dawley rats receiving a single oral dose of 132 mg/kg diazinon (Chow and Richter 1994).

No effects on body weight were observed in New Zealand rabbit dams receiving 100 mg/kg/day diazinon by gavage during gestation days 6–18 (Harris 1981).

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