Aikido: the basics by Bodo Roedel

By Bodo Roedel

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Weapons in Aikido Tori can be attacked by Uke holding a weapon. 5). In tachi-dori, Uke attacks with a (wooden) sword and using a technique Tori takes it away from him. Jo dori indicates that Uke attacks with a stick (staff) and Tori takes it away from him. Conversely, in jo nage waza, Tori is holding a stick and Uke attacks him by grabbing hold of the jo – that he then uses to defend himself. Besides these, there are Aikido exercises in which Uke as well as Tori have either a sword or a stick. Kumi jo indicates partners exercising with the stick – kumi tachi is partners exercising with a sword.

Not in a semi-circle. This is the only way to ensure rapid and effective movements later on. • The upper body remains straight and does not oscillate. • The hips are kept as low as possible at the same height and the knees are bent. • After the turn, a positive, forward direction of movement is reassumed. 2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 46 AIKIDO – THE BASICS Hands and shoulders remain loose and relaxed, hanging down over the feet. The forward hand is the one on the side of the leading foot. As in previous exercises, it is advisable to pause for a second or two after the movement in order to regain your stability.

2010 9:48 Uhr Seite 47 FOOT MOVEMENTS Relative to Uke, tai-sabaki can be performed on the forward side (‘omote’) of Uke or on his rear side (‘ura’). First of all the movement is carried out on Uke’s rear side (after the movement, Tori is standing behind Uke). Uke attacks with a chudan tsuki (punch at the stomach – see Page 282). The gap between them is so large that Uke has to take another step to reach Tori. At the moment that Uke begins to move forward, Tori also starts to move. When Uke thinks he can strike Tori, Tori slides past the punch (‘irimi’).

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