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Aflatoxins - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology by R. Guevara-Gonzalez

By R. Guevara-Gonzalez

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2007). Multi-tasking on chromatin with the SAGA coactivator complexes, Mutat Res 618, 135-148. R. A. (2007). Function and regulation of aflJ in the accumulation of aflatoxin early pathway intermediate in Aspergillus flavus, Food Addit Contam 24, 1043-1050. W. G. (1999a). Characterization of the promoter for the gene encoding the aflatoxin biosynthetic pathway regulatory protein AFLR, Biochim. Biophys. Acta. 1444, 412-417. , Bhatnagar, D. P. (2011). A hypothesis to explain how LaeA specifically regulates certain secondary metabolite biosynthesis gene clusters, World Mycotoxin Journal 4, 53-58.

V V MR E V R S P T N A V I A F E I Q Y . R V D N D D N R Y . . . . . . . . . V V T RE I HT T A S A A I GL E V RY . E P S A R K H. . . . . . . . . . V V A DK L R A R NNL L V A F V L K Y QE V S A P GA L P S S F . . . . . . . . A V V NR L HL P C T T T V A L GV R Y Q. . A F GHGDS S A K S L . . . . . . V V V NR L HL P HT T T V A L GV K Y Q. . A F GHGDI S L L D QP T E NP . . . . V V V NR L HL P HT T T V A L GV K Y Q. . A F GHGDI S L L D QP T E NP . . . . E T L A A T H G A R MT S Y F G P T R H R L R A G G V V T I S A T A P K A F R Q K S P Q P P D L .

2008). When gene expression by the nonaflatoxigenic A. , unpublished results). Surprisingly, the genes in the AF cluster were still transcribed at normal levels. 3. Signaling factors involved in AF biosynthesis Transcription factors may be activated (or deactivated) through a signal-sensing domain by ligand binding, post-synthetic modifications, or proteolysis. , 2009). This domain participates in several activities including hormone binding, homo- and/or heterodimerization, formation of a complex with a heat-shock protein, and transcriptional activation and repression.

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