Advanced Nunchaku by Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

By Fumio Demura, Dan Ivan

Written via Fumio Demura, one of many world's top gurus on eastern guns, this advisor to complicated nunchaku covers diversifications of twirling and swinging, with separate education kata.

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Ducks through under A’s right arm and then stretches himself up straight away and pushes the back of his neck against A’s right upper arm to prevent a guillotine action… 5. …and gets round behind his back. Note: This exercise serves to practice timing. In time one gets to learn the feeling when one can get round behind the back of the opponent. Counter Technique: As soon as A tries to get behind D’s back, D hollows his back and turns. Follow-on Technique: If D cannot get round behind A’s back, because he runs round following him, then D can execute a stop kick with the foot at A’s knee and then get round behind his back.

D is standing with his right leg forward so that he can get it between A’s legs like a wedge. D’s right foot is almost underneath A’s right thigh. 2. D grabs down and up round A’s right thigh and places his left hand on his own chest. 3. When D does not manage to drop down over A’s groin when kneeling down, but comes more into the direction of the knee… 4. …D turns round further to the left and brings A more into a stomach down position (A’s foot stays during this underneath D’s left armpit). The left leg is stretched out to the left and propped up.

If A’s right upper arm is stretched out to the rear, this presents no problem. In such a case, D simply kneels down on the ground directly alongside A. 7. The left foot is placed close to A’s upper body. 8. D turns clockwise to the left and applies a sideways stretching lock (knees together, pulling A’s left arm down towards the mat so that his little finger is pointing down towards the mat. 1. A and D are standing with their left feet forward. A tries to get hold of D’s neck with his right hand.

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