ACTIVE AMERICAN ENGLISH (with Tibetan translation)

An English instructing textual content with Tibetan translation. Many pages of routines. The English used to be translated into chinese language and it used to be from the chinese language that the Tibetan model was once made.

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I like him because he is intelligent and because he is helpful. ( ' She sings well ( ( ( ) 7 ). ( ), and she is good at dancing. ( 0 ) a. and and 7 39 E . ) 8 My friend is handsome, and intelligent. (X) My friend is handsome and intelligent. (O) ( b. and 7 and and 7 % 7 4 E 8 . ) = My friend is handsome, intelligent and strong. ( )( = % (1 ) " c. and and [ . ) . My friend is handsome, intelligent, and strong. ( # ' E . but 8 ] E 8 He loves Jane, and (he) is planning to marry her this year.

0 2. ride vt. (. ( . 3. grow vi. & . ) ( ) J || Can you ride a horse? ); I always ride the train to work. ( || All flowers need water to grow. ( 59 % 0 ) ) . 1. Mary doesn’t like this dress. She likes __ over there. (A) the red one (B) the red (C) red (D) a red 2. John is looking _____ a good English dictionary. (A) on (B) around (C) into (D) for 3. He can’t come ______ he is busy now. (A) though (B) but (C) because (D) although 4. He is sad because he __ money. (A) has no any (B) not has (C) not has any (D) doesn’t have any 5.

Substitution B 1. This is my English book. It belongs to me. ( That is her pen. It belongs to her. ( ) ) & These are his pencils. They belong to him. ( ) 2. Those books aren’t ours. They belong to those boys over there. ( ) These notebooks aren’t yours. They belong to those girls over there. (4 ) That ball isn’t hers. It belongs to this boy over here. ( Lesson 24: It’s Mine . Dialogue Teacher: Bob: Teacher: Bob: 9 Whose test paper is this? It’s mine, ma’am. And whose test paper is this? It’s Tony’s, ma’am.

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