A Time of War by Katharine Kerr

By Katharine Kerr

Ebook seven of the distinguished Deverry sequence, an epic fable rooted in Celtic mythology that intricately interweaves human and elven historical past over numerous hundred years.

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My thanks for coming,’ Rhodry said. ‘What do you think, Otho? ’ Otho waved in the direction of the taller axeman. ‘By the by, silver dagger, young Yraen had the cursed gall to remind me about that little matter of the coin. ’ He turned, looking Meer up and down. ‘Ah, he’s blind! ’ Meer bared his fangs but said nothing. ’ Jorn stepped forward. ’ His voice turned contemptuous. ’ Rhodry was grinning. ’ Collecting the horses, including Baki and Gidro, the squad moved off, leading the stock up the steep hill.

Meer’s voice was very thin but steady. ’ ‘Oh, Jots and lots. They’re all human beings. Off to the north there’s an overturned wagon. ’ Fortunately they could skirt the edge of the battlefield rather than walk across it, but even so, Jahdo was caught by the horror and found himself staring at the corpses. He would never forget that sight, not as long as he lived, of bodies heaped and tumbled like firewood, broken, slashed, tangled, left there for wild things in a last gesture of contempt. Whenever the singers back in Cerr Cawnen had told lurid tales of battlefields, they’d always spoken of red blood and deathly silence.

Spread across the hills were the tiny shapes of white-washed houses, all of them round, and some larger stone buildings. Over it all hung a faint haze - the smoke of cooking fires, most likely - out of which, at the top of the highest hill, rose a cluster of round stone towers with flat roofs, just like the ones mentioned in the old tales, as dark and grim and ugly as chunks of iron. When Jahdo described this view, Meer sighed, but he said nothing. ’ Jahdo swallowed heavily. html ‘To find out our fate at last.

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