A Synopsis of Ophthalmology by J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

By J. L. C. Martin-Doyle (Auth.)

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B a n d O p a c i t y . — T h e name given t o characteristic changes which appear in the interpalpebral gap o f old, blind, shrunken eyes. These changes progress right across t h e centre of the cornea but leave the limbus moderately clear. I t is due t o hyaline degeneration followed b y calcareous deposits. W h e n fully developed, these deposits appear as a chalky band across the centre of the cornea. Malnutrition and exposure are the chief factors in the commencement of this degeneration. R a r e l y this condition m a y occur in y o u n g e r persons w i t h otherwise healthy eyes.

A s for dendritic ulcer, but there is no need for cauterization. 4. H e r p e s O p h t h a l m i c u s . — T h i s is a disease of middle-aged or elderly people, and in a surprising number of cases there is a history o f contact w i t h chicken-pox. One or m o r e branches o f the ophthalmic division o f the fifth nerve are affected. T h e disease is unilateral and is accompanied b y malaise, fever, and much pain. T h e pain follows the course of the nerve so t y p i c a l l y t h a t it is often possible t o diagnose herpes ophthalmicus before the skin eruption appears.

Similar deposits are seen in the conjunctiva and lens, and when the iris is affected a particularly beautiful picture is seen, the iris glistening w i t h tinsel-like crystals looking as though it had been decorated for a Christmas party. I t m a y be mentioned t h a t slit-lamp examination o f infants is c o m p a r a t i v e l y easy w i t h the aid o f rectal chloralhydrate. T R E A T M E N T is b y the injection o f 200,000 units o f calciferol per d a y . * DOUGLAS, Α . Α . , Paper read to Midland Ophthalmological Society, 1950.

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