A Lick of Frost by Laurell K. Hamilton

By Laurell K. Hamilton

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My guards are my lovers. Which makes them royal consorts until one of them makes me pregnant. Then that one will be king to my queen. ” “The three guards who have been charged by the king should be sent back to faerie,” Shelby said. “King Taranis was so afraid that Ambassador Stevens would see that the Unseelie Court was beautiful that he put a spell on the man. A spell that forced him to see us as monstrous. ” Cortez asked. ” “You would say anything to save your lovers,” Shelby said. “I am sidhe, and I am not above the law.

Doyle moved closer to me so that he was more obviously hugging me. I leaned into the curve of his arm, letting my body settle into the line of his, while I continued to stroke the back of Frost’s hand. “I still see no reason for this line of questioning,” Biggs said. “I agree,” Farmer said. ” Cortez looked at me. He gave me every ounce of those dark brown eyes. ” Doyle, Frost, and I went very still. He had our attention now, indeed he did. “Speak plainly, Mr. Cortez,” I said. ” “You saw what the king did to the ambassador.

Time had started running very differently in the Unseelie sithen around me. Doyle had said, “Time is running oddly in all of faerie for the first time in centuries, but it was running even more oddly around you, Meredith. ” It was both interesting and disturbing that time had run not exactly backward for me, but it had stretched out. It was January for us and the courts, but the date still wasn’t the same. The post-Yule ball that my uncle Taranis had been so insistent on me attending was finally safely past.

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