A Flutter of Lashes by Morgan Drake

By Morgan Drake

Chicago is invaded by way of a common sexual invader decided to create soreness which thrills, to force the unsuspecting right into a pulsating rhythm of an intimate come across. this can be a first in lust and beautiful torment.

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To take my place behind the great desk. I was wearing my most sophisticated gown. It was of grey watered silk and had a high frilled collar and sleeves to the wrist. Colours flashed from it as the silk caught the light and were reflected in my eyes. ‘Well now, don’t you look a treat,’ said Mrs Larkin. ’ The gaming room was a blaze of light as I entered, and if Ben, the doorman, thought it odd that I should preside for the evening he made no comment but bowed me to my place as if I were royalty. My appearance caused a stir throughout the room and I saw several appreciative looks cast in my direction.

I looked at the imposing archway which surmounted a flight of worn stone steps and drew a deep breath as I started up them. The great oak door was thrown open as I was halfway up and a figure stood for a moment in the doorway before it flung itself in a whirl of bright beauty down the steps and into Charles’s arms. ‘Oh, Charles, it’s so good to have you home again. ’ I stood transfixed for a moment taking in the spun gold hair cascading from its restraining pins, the swirl of the pretty pink muslin gown and the sea-blue eyes that looked up at him accusingly over a petulant mouth.

38 I made to stretch out my hand in greeting. I had never felt so dowdy as I did then in my brown merino travelling dress, my hair pushed firmly back under my bonnet. A deep, slightly cold voice interrupted, ‘Araminta, you really should not throw yourself at Charles that way. ’ I felt my cheeks flush at the word. I suppose I had known from the beginning that I was to be governess to the child but Charles had never referred to it as such. It had been as if I were coming as his friend rather than as his brother’s employee.

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