A Concise Coptic-English Lexicon by Richard Smith

By Richard Smith

I've got came across this Coptic dictionary to be very helpful in lots of methods. it really is convenient, sensible, and fairly thorough for its measurement. And more straightforward at the eyes than Crum's because of a extra glossy typeface.

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F, pi. hCy she, it isy they are n e r - ( n e fused with relative e r - to form cleft sentence) it is . . who n e , pi. n n y e f. , f, pi. that, those ni t -¬ĽNI - demonstrative or affective article that, those (often thiSy these), [the] uoj^, T c u ^ , N o y [HOJ^ ] absolute possessive pronoun mine, etc. n A K e , n o K e t , n o K t be light, shrink ncJDX^, n o x ^ * ^ , n o x ^ ^ wound, be wounded; m. wound n a > x 6 , n c u x K , n x 6 n o x 6 ^ cigreCy decidCy be satisfied ncjDx6 e B O X reach a conclusiony settle n x 6 e m.

Disapproval c c D ^ e , C A ^ T - , C A ^ T ^ , C A ^ T t , c A c i ^ T t wcave ^Z^' [c^eei],c^Ai-,ce^^,CA2^,C^ATC^,CA^T^,ce^T^^ [C^HT^],CH^t ] vvnVe, ^e written^, scripture^; [pi. c ^ e e i ] m. f. foum c ^ i M C , pi. ^ l O M c [ ^ l A M c , c ^ i o M c ] f. womun, female JCic^iMC marry [ M R T C ^ I M B i. femaleness, womanliness, womankind] C A ^ N c provide, supply; m. provision o y e ^ C A ^ N G [ o y A ^ c i ^ N e ] command, place an order c2P,ce^p-,CA^p^,cx^pt wee/?

24 quotations nejcAq nacu xe he said, " . . " m. poison Uix>x6, n o j c T t ux6ce beat flat; m. flat part, breadth f. saliva Hexnx6ce spit (Noyxe) r called pa> transliterated r p as number one hundred can stand for R - ] p - V. e i p e px m. ;o/m ( T a > 6 e ) ^ A n p A N - as to, about, concerning p A p e - m. part, ft-action p e M H T one tenth pH m. sun pi f. room, monk's cell p o , p A poD^, pi. p c D o y m. mouth, door e p R - , e p o D ^ to, upon, at KX[>a>^,KX\>xe\T^ be silent (kco) K A p a > q m.

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