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50 Things You Can Do Today to Increase Your Fertility by Sally Lewis

By Sally Lewis

Useful suggestion and a holistic method of assist you conceive, together with basic nutritional and way of life adjustments and do it yourself complementary therapies In this available and informative consultant, Sally Lewis explains how age, sexual infections, vitamin, extra weight, tension, and anxiousness have an effect on fertility. educating tips to notice the easiest time for perception; comprehend the hyperlink among physique, brain, and fertility; and deal with tension and sit back to avoid anxiousness, this can be the final word advisor to expanding the chance of notion at any age.

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Trans fats are the most damaging type of fat, and can be found in most margarines and in processed foods like biscuits, cakes and pastries. They are partially hydrogenated fats, which are formed when liquid vegetable oil is turned into solid fat through a process known as hydrogenation. These fats are thought to adversely a̝ect ovulation and may make it more di̠cult to become pregnant. 2. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature and are thought to raise the levels of harmful low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, which very o˕en leads to hardening of the arteries and cardiovascular disease, obesity and an increased risk of some cancers.

Ca̝eine content of drinks/foods Food/drink Approximate ca̝eine content (mg) Ground co̝ee (cup) 110 Instant co̝ee (cup) 60 Painkillers (two tablets) 60 Tea (cup) 50 Cola (one can) 40 Milk chocolate (125 g/4 oz bar) 20 Cocoa (cup) 5 26. Replace bad fats Saturated fat is solid at room temperature and is found in animal products, such as red meat (it is the white skin you see on red meat) and full-fat dairy products (butter, cheese and whole milk), as well as biscuits, cakes and sweets. All of these products are 64 50 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY...

Vitamin B12 Low levels of B12 are linked to reduced sperm count, abnormal sperm and reduced sperm motility. EAT A FERTILITY̘BOOSTING DIET 47 Vitamin C Vitamin C improves motility and sperm count and prevents the clumping together of the sperm. Research has shown that men with low vitamin C levels were more likely to have genetically damaged sperm. Vitamin E Vitamin E is needed for healthy sperm and is thought to improve a sperm’s ability to penetrate an egg. Selenium Selenium is necessary for the formation of sperm and for a good sperm count.

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