Not to Forget Those Who Cannot Remember



Alzheimer’s Association Lebanon was founded in 2003 as a non-profit organization with the mission of improving the quality of life for people with dementia and their caretakers and with the primary objective of raising public awareness throughout Lebanon and the Middle East.



About the Association



To raise social and individual public awareness to support people with dementia and their caregivers though care services, support group meetings, dissemination of information, training, capacity building workshops and advocating public health policies .


Studies show there are about 30 000 Alzheimer’s disease cases in Lebanon upon which AAL has set its two-fold vision:

1 – Reaching out to more families to help provide a better quality of life to patients and their carers.

2 – Help in building a professional infrastructure for the support and care through insuring better knowledge about the disease and breaking the taboo around it.

Alzheimer's Association Targets

• Raise Awareness on Alzheimer’s disease and its management.

• Promote the rights of Alzheimer’s patients.

• Highlight the important role of family caregivers in alleviating the disease.

• Provide ways to reach the best social and health care.

• Support the patient throughout his Alzheimer’s journey.

• Enhance public health standards for Alzheimer’s patients to avoid complications.

• Support Alzheimer’s caregivers in their journey of care.

How Do We Help?

AAL provides several services, primarily targeting the families and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, ranging from providing information and resources to direct personal support through support groups, training, and equipment rental.

Act as an information center



Access to information on the disease; List and describe the Association’s activities with up-to-date news and presentations


Lending of books, in French, English and Arabic; proudly published the first book on AD in Arabic.

Nursing Homes Referral

Survey of current practices in assisted living facilities; training of staff in professional homes

Occupational Therapists Referral

Training of therapists in dealing with Alzheimer’s patients.

Breaking Barriers Workshops

Training workshops in various hospitals to improve the quality of care for people with Dementia.

Raise public awareness

Public Lectures

Provide information to the public at large; fighting stigma and discrimination

International Participation

Alzheimer’s International meetings give us direct access to a supporting network of information and research.

Capacity Building & Outreach Program

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs, the program was implemented to build capacities of staff at the community development centers and to reach out to families in the most remote areas of Lebanon

Alzheimer’s Disease Early Diagnosis Program

In partnership with the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Lions Clubs International – district 351, this program aims at screening undiagnosed cases of Alzheimer’s disease across Lebanon.

Youth Awareness Program

Awareness and sensitization activities on Alzheimer’s disease in Schools and Universities.

Pharmacological & Non- pharmacological intervention awareness program

Awareness program targeting Doctors, Nurses, Social workers and family carers.

Provide direct services

Personalized consultations

Provide personal practical and emotional support as well as information directly to family members.

Support group Meetings (weekly)

Caring for a person with dementia can be exhausting and isolating. Sharing experiences helps improve the care given to the patient, the general well being, as well as encourages new experiences, while diminishing stigma.


Provide counseling, reassurance and a professional listening eat, as well as give up-to-date information and advice on new methods and techniques to solve problems

Caregiver’s Meetings

Regular meetings for caregivers (monthly) Lectures presented by doctors and other specialists, followed by Q&A sessions

Wandering Task Force

In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities and using AAl’s social media and Media connections, AAL advertises and assists in the search for wandering elderly with dementia

Provision of beds, mattresses and wheel chairs when available

Allow Alzheimer’s patients to benefit from the best available equipment, on a renewable short term loan basis.

Provision of medication when available

Offered to nursing homes.